First song called "my regards to you". I would like some constructive critisism. No hating or trolling, personal sh-- right?


It starded like two hearts, cut into two tears, now its my fear, that you wont be there.
Why would you choose that guy over me, cant i just be free from me?
My tears run like a river flows, what i dont know nobody knows.
Where i stand i dont belong, why cant you escape from this song?

I cant put up with this no more, im angry till my f*cking core, you are a wh*re, why cant you just fall down on the floor

As my love reflects my self, i realized you are no magical elf
Im just breaking down to cry, and asking a silent prayer to you to die
Two hearts two souls, swiming in a fish bowl

Yeah, i sing about my pain, sing about the blood running in my veins
What is he? What can he? Is he me? Hell no, i will run free!
As the bird sings, my wound stings, i will throw him in the sea, and watch him as he sinks. When he is gone, its just you and me

(Pre chorus again)

(Chorus again)

He's gone now, but you still dont want me? Baby what can i do to please thee? Close your eyes, count to three, i'll let you take a trip with me to be free.


(whisper outro)
Why dont you want me? Why dont you want me?


Thanks for taking your time
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