Somehow, for very little money, I'd like to get a couple of Eminence Mavericks, the adjustable-sensitivity speakers. I'd go buy some but work is sooo slow; I'm tapped.

But, I have speakers to trade and will give or take some cash to even things out:

JBL G125:
12", 8 ohms, 200 watts, 102 db, 60-7000 hz
It's the Rolls-Royce of guitar speakers. No bass mud, crisp, clear and with depth all the way through the frequency range. No metal dustcaps; it came with paper so the treble end is just right. It's flawless. It cost me $275 new in the mid-eighties and it's only been a few times that I used it at any volume, just household use mainly. I have two and only need the one. If I wasn't so poor right now, I'd keep it. They are next to impossible to find in this condition.

12", 75 watt, 8 ohm, made 1991
It's a pretty efficient one; it's a loud one. It's not mushy sounding at all, anywhere. Tight, strong bass. No flab. Clear, too. The highs ring. Perfect condition.

12", 75 watt,* 8 ohm, , made 1975 or so
A fairly inefficient speaker, sounds and works great. Aside from dust, it's in almost-new condition. It was in a 1976 Univox solid state 17 watt combo that was hardly touched. I know this speaker's had an easy life because that amp couldn't beat this speaker up if it tried.

* I said 75 watts because someone on a forum looked up some numbers and told me so. It seems to be, though, judging from the magnet size. They're pretty big.

Eminence Pair:
12", 16 ohm, made 1979, with the big square magnets
They work perfectly. They sound perfect for blues & rock and roll, thick, fat, & woody. You know what I mean. No mid-scoop-age, I guess. Perfect for a 2x12.

If interested, please PM me with your phone number. I'll be notified and you'll get a timely reply. Thanks.