I'm a Candian that is 18 years old. I'm wanting to join bands but they are mostly looking for 19 year olds to play bars. (which makes sense) but havn't there been people many years younger then me play in bars? Is there any forms that even a parent could sign (I still live at home with mom) Other then doing gigs in Quebec what other choices do I have?

Sorry if this is the wrong spot to put this. I wasn't sure
Most bar owners don't have a problem letting you in if you're in the band. Years ago I played in a few bars with a drummer who was only 14 and we never had any problems. Just clear it with the bar owner first just in case.
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I'm from Canada as well, I've never had a problem with underage band members not allowed into bars, however I've seen a band get asked to leave after their set though (the band was two underage girls). A lot of the time bars don't even I.D. the bands, your band should try to get you drinks haha
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Honesty is the best policy when it comes to trying to get those gigs. Make sure you tell the owner before hand that you do have a member under 18. That's generally the most you'll have to do, they'll just mark your hands saying your 18 and under and that'll be the end of it.

If you do run into a problem, don't come off as rude or angry, just ask what they can do for them to allow you to play. I've had to deal with only coming inside for the gig then immediately leaving, and having to bring a parent there.

It's just something you have to deal with if there's an issue. Probably 99% of the time the issue can be worked around.
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Y'all ever have a problem with this in the US?

Around here the arrangement is that you need to stay outside of the bar area of a club, or outside if it's strictly bar, except for the time you're taking the stage.