I'm abit of a noob to this.
I've only recently started using alternate tunings like open c.
When tuning back to standard though, i noticed it takes quite a while, it seems like i tune the E string back to an E, then by the time all the other strings are tuned one by one, I pluck the E and it's reeeeally flat. Is this because of the tension being lost in the trem system when tuning strings up/down?

Would it be alot less work tuning quickly if I was to 'hardtail' my guitar since i hardly ever use the trem
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i had an idea about this. Firstly, always temporarily block the trem so it's level whenever you're changing the tuning and spring tension in the back. Tune it while blocked and then adjust the springs until the block comes loose and it should be in tune and set up. (everyone should be familiar with this much)

The idea i had was, why not just put a mark on the screws in the back as a measurement for the position you need it in each tuning? that way you can quickly adjust back and forth. I can't see why this wouldn't work, but I don't change tunings at all so I have no desire to test it myself.. lol

if it's still too hard you can block the trem or even better, don't buy any more guitars with a trem. :P