Open to offers on any of the below.

Line6 POD HD300 - $240 shipped. Great little unit, just overkill for my needs. I used it very gently for less than 5 months and it never left the carpeted floor of my house. Comes in the original box.

2 sets of DR DDT-12 strings (12, 16, 20, 38, 52, 60 gauges) - $10 shipped for the pair. Too large for my needs.

2 EMG Select Humbuckers - $10 each shipped or $15 shipped for both. At least 10 inches of lead left on both. Only used for about 4 months. Not great, but not awful. Good for a project guitar.

DiMarzio 10ft Cable - $10 shipped. Used maybe twice for a total of an hour, essentially brand new; just moved to homemade cables right after I bought it.

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