I went to the local gear store today before the football games to kill some time, look at an amp, and shoot the breeze with the staff. I was asking Johnny, the guy who runs the guitar department, what he would recommend for a platform to do mods on. He asked me what types of mods I was thinking about, and then pulls this bad boy off the shelf and says, try this, it already has all the mods you like to do. He knows me pretty well.

I put it through the amp I was looking at, a Hughes and Kettner Tubemeister 18, on the 5 watt setting, and couldn't believe the gorgeous tones I was getting. Plus the neck is like butter, and the guitar itself should be wearing a G-string, it's so sexy.

I couldn't get over how comfortable the guitar was. It was as comfortable as my Strat, even more so. It has this gloriously thin/smooth, fast neck, and the frets seem perfect.

So I went back at half time and bought it. I have no self control.

I've played it about two hours since I got it. Through the Mesa, it has a beautiful driving sound, but through the Egnater it really opens up. The humbuckers really drive the amp nicely, and I'm getting great tone. It's an overdrive machine - especially from the bridge pickup, which is the hot JB-1. The cleans are nice, too, but that's not really why I got the guitar. It has sustain for days.

The guitar has locking Gotoh tuners, Seymour Duncan pickups (JB-1 in the bridge, and '59 in the neck) and a push/pull coil tapping switch. Fixed bridge. 24 frets.

The finish and work is flawless. Add to that that I got it for a pretty good deal, $1399 with case and a setup, and I'm pretty jazzed.
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That is a sexy guitar man! I really love ESP guitars. Quality!
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Always nice to see a NGD ESP that is an actual ESP
Guitar looks great, I've been tempted by them many a times!
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That picture doesn't do the guitar justice man. I've seen this finish and it's smoking hot.

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I love me some ESP. HNGD
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A further review: I played this thing until midnight last night. My finger tips are aching this morning. The neck is like butter, and the frets are perfect. As I said before, the tone coming from this little beast is magic. Cleans are great, and anything with a little gain is just wondrous. It's easily the most comfortable guitar I've ever laid hands on. The only problem I have is deciding which amp to play through. The Mesa and Egnator are both laying out some great tone.

This is the best guitar I own. And to think that until yesterday, I had barely heard of ESP.
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Horizon NT-II's really are some of the best playing guitars out there that aren't custom shop.

I'm selling mine if anyone is interested. PM me, really good price.