Hi all

I recently made a post asking for tabs for Death's Overactive Imagination... Not had no luck with that yet. We'll see what happens.

But what I'd really love to know more than anything is the first four notes of the song. Seems all tabs do this different. So if anyone out there is good at work things out by ear, please let me know what you think the notes are.

Me.... I think it starts:

D - E - F# - A#

Look forward to hearing whether you think that is right or wrong, and if wrong what you think the right notes are.


I actually think it's D-E-F- D (octave slightly bend) for voicing I actually got it to sounds like the record starting on the fith on the A-string.
I half expected to get some different responses (especially judging by how different all the on line tabs are). So would be good to hear what more people think.

Cheers for the quick responses guys.
I'm hearing D F# G# A#
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