Browsing the internet this morning lead me to discover this:

New BOSS pedals, probably released after NAMM. They're tagging them as tracking your guitar on multiple dimensions or something like that Just looks like another delay and distortion IMO though. The overtone thing does sound kinda cool to me.
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i just saw this a few minutes ago too. wish i was going to the show.

but yeah those pedals in theory are a pretty cool concept but it's moving towards the future when most of us want to stick with the past. i think they'll sell for a little while though....maybe
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well
Clicked the link... waited to be Rick Rolled... surprised at pedals.

The TE-2 just seems to be a combined delay/reverb unit & I'm never really interested in distortion. The MO-2 seems interesting though but if I bought one I'd never use it for gigs.
^ Yeah I kinda like the MO-2 sounds interesting
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Ok so whens the release date. Im really diggin this. I want that DA-2 distortion so bad
unless your going for some weird tones i think the overtone is kinda weird, the distortion to me sounds WAY to processed and the echo thing actually sounds kinda nice. good form some ambient stuff.

i kinda use my delay as an echo anyways, so i like the idea
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They all look gimmicky and unusable in a live setting to me. Maybe you could get some cool stuff out of the MO-2 though.
I’m really interested in the DA-2 for practice with headphones. When I’m just practicing alone at night there’s always something on the high end that manages to sound gross and nasally. A pedal that evens things out would be great.

And that overtone generator is going to be great for getting a fat clean sound. Use it with a Fender amp, tremolo, and a reverb and you’ll get a lush wall out sound.
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Buy a Line M13, they sound great. You can hear it here

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The MO-2 reminds me of the Rainbow Machine from Earthquaker Devices...
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The distortion pedal sounds crap but nowhere near as bad as the voice over guy. What a wanka.
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The MO-2 looks really cool.

I like the voice over guy, he's getting work again after the 80's and it's action films ended.
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Go ahead and spend your money, I don't care. It won't make you sound better.

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Sure upgrading your gear will make you sound better.

That distortion sounds shite. MO-2 sounds funky as hell, would buy.

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these sounds do not intrigue me. maybe if they played through a tube amp instead of their new solid state "fizzmaster" it would sound like something worth getting.

... I'd probably pay real American dollars for the MO-2 though, even acknowledging I will probably never use it beyond making weird sounds when I'm hammered.
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