Hey guys, I have just received my order of Seymour Duncan pickups (SH-4, SH-2, SSL-52) and I have asked this question in their forums with no replies yet, so I'm going to try my luck out here, but I was wondering if you guys could fix me up with a wiring diagram. Since this is going to be a HSH strat, I would like to wire my pickups in , but with the addition of two push/pull pots for coil splitting. I would like the volume push/pull pot to split the coils of both bridge and neck humbuckers, activating the inner (slug) coils of each pickup when pulled up, while the tone push/pull splits both humbuckers, activating only the outer (adjustable) coils in their respective pickup switching positions. E.G Volume pot pulled up with tone pushed down with pickup selector in bridge position, only slug coil of the bridge pickup is heard. Tone pot pulled up with volume pushed down, only the adjustable coil is heard. Positions 2 and 4 are auto coil splits with the innercoils of either the bridge or neck humbucker combined with the middle pickup etc. I hope you get what I'm trying to say. I was wondering if thie type of wiring would be possible with a conventional 5-way pickup selector switch, if possible at all. If you can draw up a wiring diagram for me, I'd appreciate it heaps. Thanks.