I've been contemplating selling my current bass on and off again. I hate it's sticky gloss neck and it's plain, uninspiring tone.

But for some reason, I just can't let it go. It's my first and only bass and I grew up learning with it. Feels kind of silly, I mean it's just a bass and not a particularly expensive one at that.

Anyone else have something like that? Or have you ever had anything you regret selling?
Well, I sold my VM Jazz, and I kind of miss her. It was my first bass, and it was a great bass in terms of quality also. Plus, Now I'm trying to sell the bass I traded it for to get some money for a new bass fund, aiming at a Sterling ray 35. I don't really regret it, since the swap served me to enter the 5er world, which i enjoy, but I'd love to have the VM AND the Sterling with me in the future... After all, that Jazz was the only instrument I named (Josefina, or Josephine in English) so... :S
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My Epiphone AccuBass. It's my first bass and I've had it over 20 years. Its heavy, has a few dings but I love it because it was my first bass and a present from my better half, Mr. Tam.
I had a Yamaha Pacifica 112v, and I traded it for a Jackson King V that was worth a little more than half of the value. My logic at the time was "The more humbuckers, the more brutal it's going to be". I was wrong. I miss that Yamaha.
I have an older model Ibanez GSR-100 that got from a late friend. He gave it, and an old Hartke amp to me for helping him build his computer.

It's gray, dull looking, but I will never part with it.

I miss You Derick.
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my Fernandes. Top two strings can't be intonated properly and the sound is kind of plain (no stratty twang because of 24.75" scale length)

I can't get rid of it because it just looks perfect. Keeping it to use on stage, I guess.
I thought that was what they made suspension bridges for.

Getting rid of things.

In answer to OP. No. If it does not work, it dies not stay.
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I still have my first bass, a J&D 5-string. It's modelled on an Ibanez SR.
It'd be sacrilege to get rid of it, seeing as it's what I learned on! I've swapped out the Pickups on it, and slapped UV LEDs on the Bridge and past the nut (Illuminates the DR UV-coated strings on it).
The strings and mods cost more than the bass itself!
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For me it would be my Columbus Jazz which I started learning on. It took ages to get used to the weight of it, it's so scratched along the bottom edge that I suspect even with a good deal of sanding it will still have ridges in it unless I slice off a couple of inches of the wood completely, and the electronics crackle and need resoldering. But I love it and one day will get around to fixing it up properly.

This isn't mine, but it's the same model and colour.
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My first bass, an Ibanez GSR200. It's been badly defretted and suffered some teenage painting, so I just recently pulled it apart and plan on fixing up the neck and refinishing it. I can't get rid of it because it's not worth anything (if anyone wanted it) so I may as well see if I can do anything with it.

Then there's my wonky fretless that words cannot adequately describe. That's not really worth anything either so I can't sell it. That one might get turned into parts when I move.
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My Warwick Corvette. I really want the money to pay for other things (monitors, effects)... but... it would be so sad leaving it's Streamer big brothers!
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