Hey guys, new here. I really need some help from someone who has good experience with wiring. I replaced the passive pickups with the AHB-1 Blackouts in my B.C. Rich Warlock, and am having a hell of a time trying to get them to work. I have followed the wiring diagrams that came from Seymour Duncan, and all was well until I had to find out how to wire in my 3 way on/on/on mini switch (DPDT). There's some confusion because the first diagram here has a 3rd (ground I assume) wire [forbidden link]

Wiring the guitar that way I got some sound from one pickup...and nothing on the other or when used together..So then I found this diagram and wired it this way, but I have no idea if it needs a ground or what because I get absolutely no sound now
For reference I am using the middle config, so push the switch to neck for neck pickup, vice versa for bridge pickup and middle for both. [forbidden link]

So, if anyone has any advice for me I would greatly appreciate it, I just want to get the guitar back together and try these friggin pickups out!!! Thanks in advance, Pat.