Hey All,

Been awhile since I posted here. Primarily because I don't have the $ to add stuff to my rig very often. And when I do, I usually don't make a move until I consult you guys first!

I have a 2009 Sparrow Rat Rod (Les Paul Clone) that I consider my 'go-to' axe. I have had about 3 guitars in my life and I can honestly say I've never bonded with a guitar quite like this. What I love about it is that it feels, looks and handles like a genuine LP - without feeling too precious. A couple on knicks in the finish only make it look cooler.

Anyways, I recently came into some fortune at work where I won some gift cards from Long & McQuade. I actually recieved some more of these gift cards from family members over CHristmas. I have about $400 worth now, and I've decided to make my good guitar great. I'm going to put Grover tuners on my Rat Rod, and I'm considering switching out the pickups as well. Problem is, I honestly don't know enough about pickups to make much of an informed decision. The ones I've had recommended to me are:

Gibson Burstbuckers
Gibson '57 Classics
Gibson 490r and 498t
Seymour Duncan JB and 59 Combo

Any ideas? I figured someone here would be able to help me make a choice. I play mostly '70's style classic hard rock (King Crimson/Deep Purple/Pink Floyd/Black Sabbath) and that's the sound I'm looking to nail. If it helps, I'm playing into a Vox Night Train 15H.

I'd appreciate some direction here, guys. Thanks in advance.

-Major Bludd
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For a PAF-ish sound, check the Seymour Duncan Antiquity pickups. They sound pretty similar to the burstbuckers, some people even like them better.
Jazz/JB works well
59/JB is just as good
Pearly gates maybe?

For more vintage sound;
Seth Lovers (Designed in part w/ Seth him self)

I think you'll enjoy the 59/JB set.
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Yeah, I'm leaning toward the 59/JB Set. And they are a little less expensive than the Gibsons.
I'd say, look for something with alnico magnets and a lower output. As much as people love to have these crazy overwound pickups, they just don't sound as clear and nice as the lower wound pickups. Chords ring through nicer with more 'vintage' wound pups. Plus, gain isn't hard to get with an overdrive or boost pedal, or in my situation I've never had not enough gain on an amp for classic rock style stuff.
Would the JB/59 combo work well for clean tones? as well as my gain needs? Sorry to sound like such a newb...
S**t, the 59/JB Set doesn't come in Chrome. I need Chrome...

What about the Gibson 490/498 combo or the BB Pro's? Any other ideas?
Well, the 57 Classics are pretty nice on my Epiphone LP Tribute Plus. I'd say the compare pretty favorably with the SD SH4/SH2 combo I've got in another LP. But I've never even played a guitar with the 490/498 or BB Pros, so those might be even better for all I know.