hey guys:
there's a tremolo trick that everybody do with the tremolo arm by just touching it or something like this steve vai do it a lot, not just normal vibrating, a very heavy one
I tried to do it but it didn't work, maybe I need a floyd rose system. my guitar is ibanez grg150 with tremolo without floyd rose locking system.

jeff loomis do it here in 0:42

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It's called fluttering, or flutter.
You will need a fully floating bridge to make that work, so sorry, it won't work with your guitar.
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Yeah - not sure what it's called, but I know what you're going after.

It's actually really easy to do, you just need the right bridge (something like a Floyd), and it has to be setup properly.

The main thing is make sure it's floating (pitches can be both raised and lowered), and you probably won't need more than 2 springs (this will make the bar very touch sensitive, but will require adjustments if this not how it's setup originally).

If you have a standard Fender-style vintage bridge, you won't be able to achieve this effect.

You should go into a music store and find a guitar setup for this, and you'll see exactly how it works!
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You can do it with a fender term system. It just has to be set up to be floating.

Yeah - you need the right type of bridge.

Could be certain Fenders - but a vintage style bridge won't work. It also doesn't need to be locking.