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Hello friends,

I've been thinking about doing this for some time now... I have a guitar, this one and it has a dead skull on it...

I bought it when I was 15 and I no longer want graphics on my guitar... Since I'm broke and it would be too expensive to buy a new guitar or hand it in to someone that would repaint it... I figured I could paint it myself. Or maybe spray paint it? When I say paint it with colour I mean I take the colour people usually take when they paint houses.... and I paint it all black. I wonder if this will last though... I heard somewhere that people have done this before... I figured using something like this but with only black colour...

So.. I really don't want a skull on it anymore and I'm unable currently to invest in a new guitar. So should I go for it? Are there any risks?

Thanks in advance,

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painting with a brush will not realy do a nice finish... It'll look like you painted with a brush and you will see the strokes.

The best thing to do is with spay paint. Usually you can aim for the "car paint" quality, you might be able to get rattle cans prepared at a local car part store.

But, most of the time, the art is only "over" the paint, and under the finish. So you'd only need to sand the finish and the artwork then, refinish.
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get some 0000 wire wool and some scotch brite pads...rub the whole body down with the wire wool then the pads, spray primer then spray colour on top.....easy