Ref the attached photo please:

I started another guitar project and to save some cash I am using the neck, hardware and electronics from an old beater guitar I have (sounds great, not so pretty to look at).

So I cut the neck out of the old body and trimmed off all the old wood so all that is left is the set neck joint. The question I have is how do I route the neck cavity in the new body?

The issue is the fret board is at a slight angle that is not parallel to the main body of the neck wood (grey shaded area in photo). I understand necks are supposed to be at an angle just wonder about the cut is all.

If I cut the neck cavity equal depth, there will be a space between the fret board and the body. I think this is what I am suppose to do but what do I do with the space between the fret board and body then? Or, if I cut the neck cavity at an angle, the fret board will be parallel to the guitar body and the neck joint won't go in straight.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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That would be great except, as I said, to save some money I am using an old neck and this is what I am left with.
What do you mean by "what do I do with the space between the fret board and body then?"

You mean with finishing?
I need the angle. When I route out the neck cavity square there will be an angled space between the body and fret board. Carving the body isn't really an option. I am doing a natural finish so wondering what to do with the space?