I put it on eBay last week and I have no bidders. I'm sad to see it go, but I'm really not playing it enough.

I bought it early Septembr and it's in brand new condition, not a single nick or scratch. I have a guitar tech wire in the EMG solderless kit so I could alter the volume and tone pot configuration. This has been restored to original factory setup. It also comes with the spare tone pot and extra wires included in the solderless set.

I'm offering it away for £700. They are sold new at £760 without a hard case. I'm keeping it high because it's still in brand new condition (aside from being completely rewired by a professional) and is only a couple months old.

I will ship for free within the UK, but if you are overseas you'll have to cover the cost.

Pics here!
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Haha. If I was a rich man I'd let it go for a fiver, but alas that is not the case.

£650 anyone?
What's your reason for selling man? I've got a few more traditional guitars I'd be willing to trade for it.
I've been playing strats forever and this is my first LP. I just can't get comfortable playing it like I can a strat. I should've went with my instinct as I've never felt really comfortable playing friends LPs, the guitar was just too damn sexy to pass up after saving for so long.

Live and learn, I guess. Strats are for me, so this guitar is up for grabs.
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so that's a no to trades then?

Nah, looking for cash so I can shop around.