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Hey Guys,

Im new to the forum,

Was wondering if anyone had any advice for me as I'm looking to upgrade from my cheap couple of yamaha guitars.

So far I really like both the Larrivee L-02 and the Maton m325.

Unfortunately I'm horrendously indecisive, I love the sound of both of them, they are around the same price (larrivee slightly more expensive), both easy to play.
The larrivee is all solid however while the maton is not.

Unfortunately they are at different shops so it has been hard to compare them directly as well as get the right advice from the salesman.

Any advice?
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From my (limited) understanding of acoustics, solid wood is almost universally better than other options.

I would have to go with the Larivee.
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i'd go with the larrivee, not just because it's all solid, but the few matons that have come my way didn't blow me away - but that's just me. isn't the larrivee a touch smaller? where i am, the larrivee would have a higher resale value.

btw, i very rarely find that advice from music store salesmen is useful as many i've overheard in many stores either lie straight out or don't know about the individual guitars.
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If the prices are comparable, go with the Larrivee. It is the better of those two guitars.