I have been holding back on everyone.

Last week I was in a hurry to get the Gtrist I work with out to his car and on the road.

I left my Bass behind his step daughter's car.

We were inside and she got past us and almost ran the bass over, but the Freedom case gve one of it's corners up to save the Bass, as well as his 7 year old diving out to get the Bass.

So now it's Name is Official "Road Kill"

A Bass cannot properly play Death Metal until it has been run over by a vehicle.

[Looking for an ATA case for it now. It will cost as much as the Bass, but they do not make mine anymore....the Vermin]
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I had My basses in the back of my drummers truck and a generator tipped over and spilled gas all over one of them.The road runner case kind of melted and some of the styro foam in side turned to like snot,but my bass was unharmed. Glad to hear your axe is safe .Cool story.
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I had my bass leaning up against a wall and it fell over. The bass, that is. Not the wall.
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^ hahaha
an idiot in the orchestra knocked his upright over, knocking my jag over, knocking over another guy's bass, knocking over my upright on to my geddy lee bass
which was inside the case
couldn't give a shit less about the rest as they weren't mine, apart from the jag which was already beat up.

the feeling of watching instruments topple over one another. *shiver*