I've recently started messing with a speaker that has been buzzing/rattling for the last few months. Its to the point where it is pretty noticeable and I can almost always hear it when playing clean on my 1960 4x12, especially with more low end. I've switched the speakers around to different positions and have determined that its definitely one of the v30's.

I've been reading up a lot on this, tried a few simple solutions and nothing has helped. I'm pretty confused at this point what to do. From what I've found it is most likely the voice coil rubbing/off centered.

At this point, I'd like to know the best way to remove the voice coil? Should I use some type of adhesive remover or just cut it out?
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Get a new speaker.
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Get a new speaker.

This set of speakers is less than 6 months old and I'm fairly sure people have been successful fixing voice coil problems. I'd like to at least try to fix it before abandoning a speaker.
Okay, so I ended up thinking that the voice coil was rubbing on one of the speakers for a while, tried fixing it a few different ways that involved taking off and re gluing the dust cap, then put it back in the cab and realized it still happened. When I put two very thin rubber washers between the screws and speaker, the buzzing stopped completely, so I ended up putting rubber washers under each screw, so that there is a good amount of cushion between the baffle and speaker. At this point, my cab has been sounding really weak and not coming through the mix properly and I'd really like to narrow it down to what is causing yet another problem. I know for a fact that it has been louder and better sounding before.

1) The washers are keeping the speakers from transferring vibration to the baffle and its giving me a more muddy, quiet tone.

2. When I re-glued the dust cap with rubber cement, it changed the sound of the speaker somehow.

3. My tubes/pre amp tubes are going bad. I'd prefer information on the other two though, and have this be a last resort.

Word. Any help will be appreciated.
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