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[history ] I've been playing guitar for just about a year now. Throughout the year I've just had an acoustic guitar and have recently got an electric guitar. I feel like I've come to a halt and have stopped progressing because now a days every time I pick up guitar all I do is just practise scales/barr chords, nothing else. Before, while practising the basic stuff like finger-picking, playing simple chords I was enjoying every bit of it because I was coming up with patterns and stuff but the last few months (4!!) I haven't progressed a tad bit. Its really demoralising me!

I really want to play song just by listening instead of just learning off youtube lessons/tabs. Someone told me its a really bad habit so, yeah. Currently all I can tell is the difference between a major/minor chord. I want to know what's the best way to learn transcribing chords from your experiences because I've hit the brick wall on this section.

PS: I can fairly play maj/m chords including the E-barr chords, pentatonic scale patterns (any key) and simple major scale pattern at decent speed. Thanks for reading!
There's nothing wrong at all with using tabs or lessons or whatever else to learn songs. The issue that people mean when they say it's a bad habit is something that many people do which is just run over the tabs or whatever without thinking about what's going on in the music so they never actually learn to play music, they just play other people's material, parrot-style.

Learn from every source you can, just make sure you always understand what you're doing and work on your ear at the same time.
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I've also just recently started transcribing. Some good simple songs to start with are Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath, The Who - Substitute, Bob Marley stuff and some AC/DC songs. While I say there easy, trust me, they're extremely hard at first. You just have to keep on guessing and thinking and eventually you'll start to pick out what they're playing.