Hello. I just got Amplitube 3, and decided to record a short DI project to test it. And then I thought I'd share it since the people here usually seem to be interested in these. The quality's probably not the greatest (playing especially ) but listen yourself if you can have some fun with these.

It's a cover of the first two minutes of a song "Merestä Maalle" by a finnish band Stam1na. Some pretty nice Low-A chugging and interesting rhytmic and harmonic content. I recorded the guitars (double-tracked) and bass. Also a midi drumtrack is in the first archive. Additionally for those without a drum software, I slapped on some generic dry Superior 2 patch I had lying around for some bounced drums.

Here's the guitars, bass and drum-midi pack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a2davy6lm2o8v5z/FS2E-DI-plus-midi.rar

Here's the bounced drums: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a2davy6lm2o8v5z/FS2E-DI-plus-midi.rar

edit: Oh yeah, if you want to hear the original, here be a link:
(They used 5150's on this record, so fire your X50's if you so will)
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