I have been playing guitar now for 3 years.. and i want to learn bass. I have a tight budget, not any more than $300 dollars. this bass guitar i found at guitar center http://www.guitarcenter.com/Squier-Vintage-Modified-Jaguar-Electric-Bass-Guitar-Special-106505464-i1788090.gc i really like (i love the jag body and sunburst finish a LOT more than the standard squier affinity and it has better pickups, neck, and body) and im wondering if it would be good for the price of $200. Also this would leave me with $100 for an amp. any brands you would recommend for a bass amp (MINIMUM OF 50watts) for less than $100 (i will buy used) thanks
VMs are very good basses to start on, and will last you for a long time without needing to be upgraded or replaced.
You should be looking for 100W minimum if possible, look for the brands Acoustic (especially if in the US), Ashdown (especially if in the UK), or Peavey. Behringer is a bit hit and miss, if it lasts past the first few months it'll last forever so check out used Behringers but their sound is a bit substandard and they're heavy as all hell.
For that budget, I'd look for whatever amp with more than 100 watts (Used Acoustic, Peavey, Ashdown, Kustom...) And the rest of the money goes for the bass. I'd also look for a used bass, and depending on how much you have left, I'd look for a used Essex (from rondomusic), or a Squier Vintage Modified (you'll need more $ for that). Notice that you have two VM Jaguar, one is the regular you posted, and you also got this one: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Squier-Vintage-Modified-Jaguar-Bass-106075815-i1535384.gc Which has better pickups (Duncan Designed), block inlays, etc. The second is averall better quality than the first, which is pairable with an Affinity.
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When you break a bass string, that snapping sound is the sound of six dollars going down the crapper.

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Bass is different than guitar, need a diff amp too.
15-20w amp is ok to practice alone at home but that's about it. Might, maybe, keep up with an acoustic guitar. Might not...

100w is about right for practice. 300w is what you need to play gigs, if not more or need to be heard with a drummer.

I picked up a used ibanez gsr200 for $99 and it play very well. It's older with passive pickups so it's a tad quieter. I figure I can lean on it and either make it a backup or piccolo bass or sell it and not lose much if anything.

Playing with bass' in the store I fell in love with a 5 string through neck schecter...so I'm saving up for one of my one and skipping all the ones in between.