Please introduce tabs to be sorted by date and ratings. There are many artists who already have hundreds of tabs in their name, making it really hard to find a tab that is recent. This becomes a problem when you follow a specific artist who releases songs/covers and luckily has them tabbed regularly.

One such artist is Sungha Jung. At this moment, there are 267 tabs under his name, and this number is only increasing. It is REALLY hard to follow Sungha, as the only way to find out if a tab is new is by remembering that the tab was previously not there or by checking the user profile of the person who tabbed it.

Sorting by rating would just be nice, just to see what is popular and what is well tabbed.

I'm sure many other people would like to see this implemented, and it can only make UG a more convenient and better place.
You can add an artist to your favourites, and then you will be able to see whenevere there's a new update (tab, news, etc...) on the right side (under the "tabs in queue" and "tabs requested") of the front page.

And if you search an artist's name as a tab, not a band, you'll be able to sort the results by "relevancy" and "highly rated".