So, I wrote this little ditty for a contest Big Chocolate's running. Considering he likes, and even plays metal music there's a chance I'll stand out from all the electronic submissions (and hey, it's ). As far as I know, all I really need are listens to the song (since there doesn't seem to be anywhere to vote), so if you wanted, you could help by sharing.

Anyways, enough of the boring contest talk. Here's what I used to make this song:
- A large dosage of EZMix. Used for the guitars, the bass, vocal, master track, and various drum outputs
- 1 sprinkle of TSE 808 to give the rhythm guitars a little extra punch
- 1 bowl full of SD2.0 with the Metal Machine kit
- An assortment of small plugins. A few compressors on some drum tracks, I believe.

If it's worth anything, the solo in this is probably the best I've ever written, and it was done in about 10 minutes. I guess I work well under pressure?