So I’ve run into a problem when installing (or overseeing the installation) of my newly arrived SD2.0 software on my new Laptop with Windows 8.

Before installation even began, we had an E drive error right from the get go that didn’t allow us to use the apparent video instructions. So we had to do everything it seemed manually, using tons of trial & error.

After almost 3 hours of troubleshooting, we finally were able to get to the point where we have the HUD up and running, but now it’s undetermined how to load the Sound files/clips, or if we do already have them loaded, find them anywhere under the SD/Toontrack/EZDrummer/etc. folders.

I’ve looked up on the forums for Toontracks, but I don’t see anything that’s quite like my problem. It’d also be helpful if they had a hotline for maintenance issues, but I don’t see one on their website.

Has ANYONE experienced an issue similar to this? Whether you have or have not, does anyone know how to help me troubleshoot this?

EDIT: I'm using a PC btw...
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That's what we did last night I believe. But when I click Superior Drummer 2.0/SL-Avatar/Sounds.....there's nothing in there

EDIT: I'm at home from work with my laptop right now if anyone can PLEASE help me with this
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Erghh... This is something I've come across twice updating my home-studio PC (and reinstalling SD2 in the process).

It's that kind of thing you spend a frustrating amount of time to get right and once you figure it out, it turned to be platantly obvious. It really makes you feel like a dumbass each time you have forgotten it and have to go through it again.

It was something to do with the whole "Add path to library" thingie. I think one has to determine the set as "N.Y. Avatar" first from the library drop-menu. Then adding the SD directory to it.

Hope this helps.