Was wondering if anyone else had this problem, and hoping to get some help with this. So I'm attempting to get myself built up for a band, heavy stuff like Metallica and Megadeth mostly, with some things like Seether, Shinedown, etc. mixed in. However, I'd like to play rhythm guitar and vocals, because a pal of mine is going to begin doing lead guitar for many songs we want to do. However, from the beginning it's been hard for me to do tap my foot while playing the guitar. For instance, in the song "Keep on Rockin' in the Free World", which I'm sure many of us here know, I can play it perfectly. I have the thing memorized and can play it in a heartbeat. At the beginning of the main riff, a string is strummed eight times. When I try doing vocals, tapping my foot, etc. it makes me lose track of how many times I've strummed, and I usually tend to mess up.

Anyone experienced this before?
I think this is pretty normal. You have to practice singing and playing guitar at the same time
I agree practice is the only thing that will get you there. Try practicing singing with really easy songs that you could play in your sleep. Your brain will gradually get used to doing 2 things at once. I remember I used to screw up the second I opened my mouth LOL.
If trying to tap your foot is messing you up you don't really have to do it. But yeah, playing and singing takes practice, but you'll get it eventually. Start with something easier on guitar.
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This may not be the best way to go about it, but it works well with me; Try not counting the amount of times you strum. I find it a lot easier to remember a certain lyric that acts like a signal to end the strumming pattern. This may not be reliable if, say, you forget your lyrics, yet if you concentrate on the singing, the guitar part should come naturally with practice as stated above. Concerning the foot tapping, forget about it, have a good drummer behind you and the foot tapping will come naturally to the beat of the music - I do this all the time without ever intending to. Hope this helps.
Thanks guys! That's actually what I was thinking, but I wanted to make sure it was something of a natural issue with beginner vocalists who are trying to play at the same time. I have to say, as a new member, I'm very impressed with how much feedback I recieved in such a short amount of time.