Some really cool ideas in this song, love the clean guitar at the beginning of the song. Very nice sound to it. Also like the part where it comes in at 8:28, I wouldn't have seen it coming but SoundCloud has to show the damn waveform . At points it seems like the distorted guitars don't cut through too well and sometimes it feels like just too much is going on at the same time.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1584435
First off thanks for posting on my thread. Great to get that rare bit of feedback.


Song eases into a nice laid back groove, mix sounds level and clear.
Layers come in very well and the song builds, nice bit of lead guitar.
track now takes on an almost prog feel, this would make a great soundtrack to an indie game.
The distorted rhythm is quite low and bitey, feel it needs more weight behind it. Or a nice fat bass line to follow the drums.
around the mid 6mins 7mins mark it al rolls back to a nice chilled vibe.

Overall this is a good track, very enjoyable.

Great stuff keep it up.
Thank you for the reviews! Now listening to your tune. Intro is sounding nice. Like the tremolo effect guitar/synth. Overall audio quality is good. Parts of this song sounds techno-ish, other parts jazzy, some parts prog rock (like Yes). At 4:13, this kind of seems like a new song. Everything sounds good, though it seems like it needs some occasional vocals or have something visual happening, with a song this long (my only significant complaint). Nice piano part! Nice recording!
Wow, so far, that's the most unique instrumental I've heard so far here on ultimate guitar, and very compelling....

I loved when the piano part came in about 1:13, adding to the texture.....

I loved the harmonies at 1:57.
Without trying to figure it out myself, are you using different time signatures?

another change of texture at 2:28, love it!!! :-) I hear some jazz elements there too.

wow, really creative overall, thinking outside the box!!

well, there's no one genre to cover this piece, so I guess it's best to describe it as and "instrumental" :-)

OMG, 4:11, more texture changes, what are you going to throw at me next!! LOL!!

How many different musician's are on this track?

I'm stunned dude, just stunned.....you got some serious talent!

well, would you mind going to my thread and commenting in it:
I appreciate that you all took time to listen and crit! I realize it's 11 minutes long, so I really appreciate the feedback.

I see a few comments on the rythm guitar, and I agree, they were difficult to place well in the mix, especially in the end of the jazzy section. This is something that I will practice on getting right and improve in coming projects!

Mattmakaha - There are a few time signatures in this one, the first part of the song is in 9/8, then from the bridge at 1:57 and onwards it's in 7/8, until 4:11 when it comes into a 13/8, 16/8, 15/8, 16/8 pattern. Then during the synth solo it's a (4/4)x3, 3/4, (4/4)x3, 2/4 pattern. And then back to the previous textures. This is a completely solo project so the only musician is me.

Again thanks for the crit, I'm glad for the amount of positive comments so far!
Wow, really cool song! I thought this song was a very fun song to listen to - lots of progressive stuff happenin'. Did you create the drums with a drum-machine? I think they could become less stale with some accentuations, other than that they fit the song.

The guitars are stellar except for the part before the jazzy section - it felt like it could be more arranged. I loved the remaining parts when talking about the guitar.

Liked the synth as well - the quiet section was very well excecuted! I liked how there was so much depth in the arrangements. Seriously - continue with stuff like this

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1583991
Splitvision, The intro was pretty awesome. i felt as if i was playing Zelda or something, I liked that effect going from left speaker to right. It was pretty original the whole song. The drumming you have going at 2:24 witht he soft playing would fit good at the intro too because the snare is a bit loud taking the focus off of the playing. the second part of the song was great too around 4:11. you were getting down in the part.

4:40 was the catchiest part for me, great job man. i think to top off the song would to add vocals 6:40 where it gets really slow
Dude- This is awesome. The intro is beautiful, and the level of complexity here is just insane. I love the buildup at approximately 4 minutes, and I love how it just unexpectedly goes into that new part when you're expecting the buildup to lead to a heavy breakdown or something.

The key/synth lead around 6:15 is really cool.

You've got an insane amount of talent when it comes to composing music.
My only complaint is the percussion is sometimes distracting, but that may just be me.
I'm trying to work on my production skills, so I can learn a lot from this!

Are you using a plugin, or are these real drums? They sound real, but it's hard to tell anymore with all the VSTs out there these days.

I finally figured out what this reminds me of. This is kinda nerdy, but it reminds me of the background music for the Terrans in Starcraft. Excellent work!
Nice track! Very experimental. Nice and relaxing guitar intro in combination with the pad sound. I think you could improve the drums. I hear a bit too much panning.
Sometimes I'm missing a top melody. You have some great guitar riffs, but maybe you could try to put some kind of melody on top of it to make it complete (like the part at 5m41 with the key solo, that's a really nice part).
But nice work anyway! I like this experimental stuff. Maybe you should try to keep it a little shorter;-)