Hey everybody!

I'm new to Ultimate Guitar, so I thought I'd introduce myself and let you all know about my channel called GJaunz. It has tons of my guitar lessons, a few vocal lessons, some of my own music, and a few random things. My guitar lessons tend to focus on teaching more advanced stuff like legato playing, sweep picking, hybrid picking, and multi-finger tapping. I'll include a few links below, starting with a clip of my playing the second solo from Mr. Crowley by Ozzy Osbourne at a slightly faster tempo than the original so that you can verify that I can actually play fairly well myself :-).

I hope you find them helpful!

Mr. Crowley Solo:

Intro Sweep Picking Lesson (technique learned from Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal:

Lesson and Jam track that teaches all 7 modes (very popular):

Some Tips on Legato Playing:

A Minor Scale Shape for Legato Playing:
Firsst off, welcome to UG! We're always happy to have new folks come in to ask and answer questions. Here's a quick heads-up about links to youtube:

You can put links to your channel in your sig and when they're relevant, but you don't want to create a new post or thread specifically to advertize them. You aren't charging anything, but that still counts as advertizing, so I'd just dodge the bullet outright and put the link to your channel in your sig and post specific links as they become relevant in discussions.

If it's important to you to get the word out about whatever you're making videos for, submit them as Lessons rather than posting about them in forums.
Sorry, I had no idea! Thanks a lot for letting me know :-). I'm going to look into submitting Lessons like you suggested. Thanks again!