No, I have no idea about the genre...
Time to get some other people's thoughts on what I've been doing in terms of music lately.

I'm somewhat trying to figure out exactly where in terms of genres I really stand and thus far, my new project as a whole sounds like a bizarre mix of what would happen, when you mix old Children of Bodom with Sonata Arctica, insert a bit In Flames (Whoracle-ish era) and spraypaint it all with a nice doseage of Blood Stain Child.

Or to make it short: It's... uhm... Well, yeah... it IS.

So I thought letting out the crazy in little bits might be better, so here's one song I haven't quite finished (some transitions sound bad, the solos are probably only placeholders right now and there's also some other issues) but as far as the concept is concerned, it's pretty much done.

If ya'd have to lie to be nice, be mean.
When you gaze long into the abyss the abyss also gazes into you…
I really like some of the melodic ideas of this piece, but here's my crit.

It's all the same general tempo. It gets boring after a while, there's no climax or build-up, no tension/release. The break is also wayyy too long, I thought the song ended when i listened to it.