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okay i know this is a pointless question, and i should be concentrating on music bla,bla,bla. but in your opinion who is the hotest guitarist and who has the most stage prescence. i need to work on my own prescence and i need examples.
my favourites are.

emppu from nightwish (damn he looks hot in that jacket)
alexi from childern of bodom ( that one foot on the monitor, guitar held vertically for solos.)
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Slash had great stage presence back in Guns N Roses' hayday.
Izzy was also great although he had 3 stages of different stage presence:

1) Early GnR before they hit big, Izzy used to be crazy.. falling to the floor, jumping around, running around etc.

2) Mid GnR career, his stage presence changed more to suit his actual attitude of being a quiet, reclusive individual with a hidden spark of rebellious tendencies.

3) Late GnR and current. He came off the drugs and just looked dead on stage. He doesn't look dead now but he sure as hell doesn't match up to his hayday!