Can someone give me some tips for running sound? Eqing, what effects to put (reverb compression etc) volumes for everything, micing everything, stage volume anything i could need to know ??? Thank you!
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Bass - 11, **** everything else they dont matter.
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Make sure the kick drum is all the way up. Snare too. And bass. Everything else doesn't matter.

Put a ton of reverb and delay on the vocals and the guitar(s?). It'll make it sound nice and thick.
I feel like the only answer to your question is do what sounds good. Because seriously, that is so vague. Might as well ask "Any tips on playing music?".
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what specs is your pc? like how much ram?

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It's over simplified, So what!

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Make sure to earth the snare correctly, no end of drummers get electrocuted from improperly earthed snares.
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Plug all the electrical equipment, lights, amps, PA system into one outlet, try to use a discount power bar (the one's without any kind of certification on them), they can handle more juice. Make sure that all master knobs are turned completely up otherwise you will get really bad tone. Drums are loud enough, whoever is telling you to mic them is an idiot. Treble is the least important, make sure you set them all to 0.
It's also best to have a few drinks before you hook all this up.
This isn't really something you should learn last minute and I would not trust a soundman that learned these things at the last minute. I mean, you wouldn't get an operation from a doctor that just learned the procedure at the last minute or throw a pass to a tight end that needed to have the play explained to him during the huddle, would you? I know I sure wouldn't.
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You can't learn all of that last minute.

Best advice: USE YOUR EARS. Play with it until it sounds okay for you.

Also, get as much mic gain as you can WITHOUT it going into the red. (ignore people who tell you red is good. Its red for a reason!)

And finally, don't point mics towards speakers. In fact, try and point them the opposite direction to the PA or monitors when you can.

That's all you're getting, and tbf I think I've been generous!
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I feel like the only answer to your question is do what sounds good. Because seriously, that is so vague. Might as well ask "Any tips on playing music?".

Yeah make sure you press play on the music player and then turn it up.
I don't know if we should tell you, I mean we paid a lot of money for that info, what are you going to offer us in return?