yeah, so my geddy lee bass came with these coated black strings that feel really nice and sound really mellow and dark. I really dig em.
but since I bought the bass used and have no string package I have no idea what they are. a friend said they might be Black Diamond.
I thought i'd get y'alls opinion first, maybe you know some better ones?
Sounds like DR Black Beauties to me.
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or possibly- La Bella Deep Talkin' Bass Strings - Black Nylon Tape Wound. These are smooth and very easy on the fingers.
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Do they still feel like a metal string?
If they don't they are probably black nylon strings (galli, fender, rotosound and la bella are some manufacturers of those)
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They are most likely DR Black Beauties. This is the most widely available black bass string, and they are indeed good strings. Black Diamonds are rather hard to find; at least they are in L.A. If they feel like rubber or plastic and have now windings on them, then you're talking tape-wound flats. Those would likely be Rotosounds or LaBellas.
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