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I like to write music but all of the songs i write sound really stupid and i would like to know how people can write good love/ sad songs without sounding really stupid.
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The music is a gigantic factor in this. Someone with an honest voice can keep a song out of the cheesy range. Its much the same with any lyrical topic. If the lyrics aren't glaringly bad, and the music is written very well, the mediocrity of the lyrics will be far less noticeable.

As to making the lyrics better, keep away from overdone cliches. When listening to music and even when writing your own lyrics, pay close attention to what lyrics you really like and relate to and which you don't. Criticize, analyze, it'll only make you better. Reading lots of poetry helps as well, as that is a stand-alone art form and doesn't require music.

Keep in mind that this is from someone that specializes in music, not lyrics. But I hope this helps
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From looking at other bands, I think the "secret" honestly is just to keep writing really stupid terrible songs and trying to improve until you just start to figure it out. Don't write badly on purpose, but just do your best and keep doing it, and after you write a million songs you'll be much better.

Take the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Listen to the lyrics on "True Men Don't Kill Coyotes", then listen to anything off of By The Way or Stadium Arcadium. The difference there is just practice. (Actually thinking about it the lyrics on True Men Don't Kill Coyotes aren't that bad, but they should be enough to get the point across.) If you don't like the Chili Peppers then my bad, I just think they're an example when the change over time is really obvious.
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Radiohead are a pretty good example too. Increase in lyrical quality between, say, "Anyone Can Play Guitar" and "Where I End and You Begin" is massive.
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Please repost this with more specificity, either towards writing the musical side or towards the lyrical side. If it's lyrical, re-post in the S&W Techniques forum. If it's musical, post in Musician Talk.