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I was wondering if anyone has used or owns a Cort guitar?,and if so what are they like compared to other makes?. The reason I ask this is my local shop keep recommending them to me even though they don't actually sell them from what I have looked at on the Cort web site they look like a cross between ESP and Ibanez but cheaper in price and was wondering if there any good?.
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I could be wrong, but I think Cort actually makes the Korean LTDs and Schecters, so if you've played those, then you've played a Cort. But I'm not sure if their QC is better or worse for their own brand.
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Quote by W4RP1G
I could be wrong, but I think Cort actually makes the Korean LTDs and Schecters, so if you've played those, then you've played a Cort. But I'm not sure if their QC is better or worse for their own brand.

Your on then money this is what Wiki said "Cort Guitars is a guitar manufacturer centered in South Korea. The company is one of the largest guitar makers in the world, and produces instruments for many other companies"

I was just curious what there like I've since been looking at reviews and it seems to be hit and miss is certain makes in quality and life span.
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Played a few and a mates owned one. If you realise it isn't going to be an amazing guitar, they are pretty decent if you get one for a decent price
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^Agreed with the above.
I tried the X10 once, it sounds pretty nice with distortion, and I think it has coil taps, but I'm not sure. When you pull the tune knob out a little bit, you get a cleaner sound, and when you push it back in, you get a fatter, muddier sound.
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I own one and I really like it. It's sort of comparable to Ibanez, well the ones I've played. I love that it cost $200 and sounds and feels better than my friend's Ibanez. I do want a PRS but I love what I've been through with mine and it has sentimental value, my parents bought it for me a long while back.
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They actually had a great reputation a couple of years ago, but I know at least one retailer who is now refusing to stock as their quality control has gone down hill. So older models are still great value for money.
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I really like my Cort EVL-Z4. It plays great, sounds great (EMG-HZ haters be damned), it looks fricking amazing with those contours and feels nice too, other than neck which is on the thicker side. (Very round. Les Paul like?)

But I agree with the QC part. While the guitar itself may be good especially for the price it isnt without complaints. Few bolts on the tuners were loose out of the box and output jack was just garbage quality, the bolt threads were destroyed when my knee bumped the cable couple of times. I just had the jack changed to much better and tighter one.

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I have an M600 and love it. Aside from my Gibson, it is my go to guitar. Picked it up used and haven't had any issues other than the switch wearing out, but that is mostly from me abusing it.

I would say better quality and sound than most Epiphones that I have played. Like other manufacturers, they have higher and lower end instruments. I believe the G120 is their entry level model (think Squier Affinity), and they go up from there.

Do some model research and compare specs. I don't think you will be disappointed.
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My first guitar was a Cort m200 it actually got a pretty good sound for rock, punk and metal with a decent amp but it didn't really suit well for country or blues IMO.

Overall though great guitar for the money and I used it for many years. It was also a cheaper guitar I would recommend Cort I can't say for sure but I'd bet that the more expensive models would be good value.

Edit: I also had problems with the input jack had to fix it a few times in the last 5 years.
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I still have my X-2. Good guitar. Neck feels great. I'm selling mine, but I've never played one of the more expensive ones.
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