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Hi guys,

We found one of these - Soundcraft PowerPad - at work and have absolutely no use for it whatsoever, so its free to a good home.

I know very little about professional recording, all I do is muck about with VSTs in Reaper through an M Audio interface and a pair of powered monitors.

My question is, is this thing of any use to me whatsoever for recording guitars/bass in my pathetically feable excuse for a "home studio".

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Its not going to be much use in a home situation. Its meant to be a live mixer, not a home studio console. Just stick with your interface
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Quote by Wesbanez
Thanks mate, will slap it on eBay and exchange it for beer tokens instead.

Yeah, wise move.

Are you sure you're not in Liverpool? My mate works in a rehearsal room and they were giving one of these away