This was really good, especially the vocals. Rare you see good vocal covers on UG. What amp were you using?
First things first.....
Thank you very much for the compliment.

Especially on the Vocals.
With my DJ company I occasionally have to Host Karaoke.
I don't do Karaoke nights in bars but occasionally get requests for it at wedding receptions. So lots of Practice time for the vocals.
Thank you for noticing!!

Now for the not-so-secret Guitar secrets.

Guitar: Completely stock Squier Jaguar. (Vintage Modified series)

Amp: None, nada,zip, nothing,not there.

Effects/amp simulation: Digitech RP355

Wah: Crybaby Wah Simulation (didn't use for this song)
Compressor: Off
1968 Marshall Plexi-driver(Super Lead) with 2x12" '63 Vox AC30 Top Boost w/Jensen Blue Backs Simulation
Gain: 11
Noise gate: off
Distortion pedal: Boss DS-1 (simulated) Volume at 75%, Gain @ 70%
Eq: similar to the Rev. Billy: Low:9, Mid 11, Highs, 3
Chorus: Off
Delay: Off
Expression pedal: Main Volume Control
Reverb: Spring Reverb simulation , 30%

Signal is sent directly to the Practice P.A. through the RP355's built in D.I. Box
This pedal is freaking amazing; I always used to crap on multi-effects/simulator units. But that was in the 90's
As the saying goes: They've come a long way baby.
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