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This was really good, especially the vocals. Rare you see good vocal covers on UG. What amp were you using?
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First things first.....
Thank you very much for the compliment.

Especially on the Vocals.
With my DJ company I occasionally have to Host Karaoke.
I don't do Karaoke nights in bars but occasionally get requests for it at wedding receptions. So lots of Practice time for the vocals.
Thank you for noticing!!

Now for the not-so-secret Guitar secrets.

Guitar: Completely stock Squier Jaguar. (Vintage Modified series)

Amp: None, nada,zip, nothing,not there.

Effects/amp simulation: Digitech RP355

Wah: Crybaby Wah Simulation (didn't use for this song)
Compressor: Off
1968 Marshall Plexi-driver(Super Lead) with 2x12" '63 Vox AC30 Top Boost w/Jensen Blue Backs Simulation
Gain: 11
Noise gate: off
Distortion pedal: Boss DS-1 (simulated) Volume at 75%, Gain @ 70%
Eq: similar to the Rev. Billy: Low:9, Mid 11, Highs, 3
Chorus: Off
Delay: Off
Expression pedal: Main Volume Control
Reverb: Spring Reverb simulation , 30%

Signal is sent directly to the Practice P.A. through the RP355's built in D.I. Box
This pedal is freaking amazing; I always used to crap on multi-effects/simulator units. But that was in the 90's
As the saying goes: They've come a long way baby.
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