although i have been extremely consistent practice wise over the past year, this week i have exams, which means i don't have any spare time to practice properly...

whenever i have the time, i pick up the guitar and jam along to a few songs, but i haven't been practicing sight reading and practicing the rest of my routine...

my question is, will this hurt my playing and is it ok to miss practice once in a while...

thanks in advance for the feedback...
It won't hurt, you just won't progress as quickly. Missing practice for exams is pretty normal.
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It won't hurt, you just won't progress as quickly. Missing practice for exams is pretty normal.

Don't listen to him. You have to practice for at least five hours every single day, no skipping, or you will not only forget how to play, but you will never, ever be able to play again. Why are you on UG right now when you should be practicing???
only 5? better make it 12 to be safe
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I'd actually say it can be beneficial, there have been multiple occasions where I've spent ages every day trying to do something on guitar and haven't made any progress, and then get it immediately at full speed after a three or so day break. I think if you feel there's a need to practice, you can get stressed when you can't practice, thinking what it's doing to your playing, so that negative emotion comes true, it's best to think that you'll be better after the break that your exams are forcing, focus on your exams, and when you pick up your guitar, get back to normal and enjoy it!
Just in case you took any of the previous comments seriously:

Missing practice sessions for week or two won't hurt your ability to play.

And yes it's OK to miss practice session (i.e. don't feel bad about it), but only if you have a note from your parents that excuses you.
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Yeah, a week or two is nothing. If you go on vacation, you're not going to forget how to play when you come back.