I have a problem. My band is getting ready to get shirts made as soon as we can decide on a design. The problem is that so far 2 out 5 really want a phoenix on our shirts because "it goes with our band name" (Origin of Ashes). I have never seen any image of a phoenix that didn't look like a gay ass bird. How can I convince them that this is a terrible idea?

I've already told them that:
1. Phoenixes do not look badass... ever
2. The design doesn't have to do with the band name
3. The design just needs to look cool enough for people to buy it
4. Very few (I can't think of any off the top of my head) bands incorporate their name into their t-shirt designs (other than actually having their name on the shirt).
5 The design doesn't have to do with anything if it's cool

They've shot down really cool designs with a mean ass shark and a cool alien because "it has nothing to do with the band". I'm starting to get frustrated.

How do I convince them that they are dead wrong in their approach and that phoenixes are gay?
No dude, this is real life. Am I wrong? Are phoenixes badass and cool for a metal band to have on their shirts?
Still not convinced that will translate well to a shirt, especially if that would cost a fortune to have printed