Hi, i'm new on these forums- this being my first post. I have been in search of new amp (an upgrade from my Roland Cube 60) and have come across a v55HD Bugera which comes with " a matching 4x12 cabinet". It comes with an Ibanez tube screamer, which i have heard good about. The price is 275$... do you think this is a good deal? will i be satisfied with this amp? ( I play primarily metal and want a distorted tone with a good amount of gain, particularly similar to that of Chuck Schuldiner's)
Thanks in advance.
that sounds like a reasonable deal (depends on what the 4x12 and tubescreamer are, though), but as far as i'm aware (haven't tried it), the v55 is aimed at vintage tones, not metal.
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Wouldn't you need a SS for Chuck Schuldiner's tone?
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The price is right but only you can decide if it gives you the tone you want.

That being said, as Dave mentioned what you seem to be looking for is not exactly what this particular amp is designed for.

It will be a significant step up from your Cube though.
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Ok thanks for the replies, ill probably just wait until i can get a valvestate 8100 or something.
Don't get a valvestate, look at the bugera 6260 or 333

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Quote by Zurian
Ok thanks for the replies, ill probably just wait until i can get a valvestate 8100 or something.

Probably not your best investment.
“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”
Charles Darwin
Quote by Arby911
Probably not your best investment.

That particular Valvestate sounds quite good, actually. While there are best options in the market, it's not like you're buying an MG.
That deal is actually good, despite my hate for Bugera - however that amp will not in any way come close to being able to do what you need to do.

For similar money you could get a used Ampeg VH140 or SS140. Those are solid state amps that actually produce a respectable SS metal tone.
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