Definetley 80's!! I liked the parts at 0:36, sounded ace! I know there was a big space where you stopped playing in which i think you should of kept going, other than that i dig it man keep up the great work!
Good alternate picking technique!
I'm not sure if you are using a very short delay on your lead guitar playing, or maybe it's because you are playing along with the pre-recorded solo, which gives the similar effect to using a very short delay/chorus effect on the lead
The mix sounds balanced and clean to me. Solid recording!
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Pretty cool. Did you use a pedal for the harmony? Your right hand technique is excellent, but I think your vibrato could use a little bit of work. I'm not saying it's bad, I'm just saying that your right hand picking technique appears a lot more developed than your vibrato and I subscribe to the philosophy that you should always work on your weakest link first.

As for what I used with the drums, I use Superior Drummer 2, the big brother of EZ Drummer, in combination with some of Logic's built in stuff like space designer.
That was eighties as hell, man (and I mean that in a good way). The playing was solid, the tone was very suiting, and I'm a total sucker for harmonized leads haha. The lead guitar was mixed just a little loud for my taste, but the purpose of this video was obviously to highlight your soloing, so that's a non-issue. All in all, great stuff!