Well i have a Washburn WI14, bought it a while ago, i love the neck of the guitar, it`s easy to play even on the last frets, okay sustain, but when i got bough a new amp (Randall rg200dg3) i started having humming, buzz while i`m on distortion, tried another guitar and it was way better. Well now i`m thinking if i should save cash and buy a new guitar, or just to change pick-ups. I mean i know there are better guitars, but after tryin` a few washburns 400euro+, and some other don't remember exactly, but i found mine easiest to play. The only guitar that fell on my eye that day was
So what would you do, change the pick-ups (i had in mind Emg 81 or Seymour Duncan sh-6), or just sell the guitar and collect cash for a new one.
So i`d appreciate if you tell me your opinion, Money is not a big problem. So i`m open to opinions. If i go for pickups i can get em right away, although for a new guitar, would need some time to collect money, so don't go crazy.
I don't like floyd but i can live with one, must have 3 way switch, hate 5 way, thin neck, would be cool if it had 24 frets.
i`m looking at the ARZ800.
Music types: mostly thrash, death metal, sometimes rock.

P.S. bough the guitar for 200 euro
* Basswood body
* Neck Scale 24.75"
* 22 Frets
* Maple bolt on neck
* Fingerboard radius 14"
* Nut width: 42mm
* Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays
* 3 way toggle switch
* Die cast tuners
* Washburn humbucker pickups
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I agree. You've got a player, so upgrade the pups to improve the tone. Easy, not that expensive.
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so between
EMG 81
Seymour duncan:
Which would ya choose for the bridge, All around playing
Um the emg's are going to require replacing all your electronics.. both pickups, pots, your going to need a place for a 9v batt, and I forget if the jack gets replaced or not
Seems like a false economy to me. I'd definitely say look at a guitar that has what you want already.

If you upgrade the pickups the hardware is worth more than the guitar. I'd sell the guitar, keep the money from the pickups, wait a little while and get something good. If you then want to upgrade that you're improving on something which will respond much better to it due to the better wood, hardware etc.

Lots of times if you put great pickups in a poor guitar it won't sound amazing. Get a decent one and change them and the pickups shine a lot more.

If you can get the pickups at a fraction of the retail price then okay, think about that. But I sense that you aren't happy with the tone and it's not always the pickups, it's the general poor workmanship and materials of the guitar.
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Go ahead and spend your money, I don't care. It won't make you sound better.

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Sure upgrading your gear will make you sound better.

I would agree with Silver Hilton. If you have a guitar that you like to play, and others didn't compare to it, then upgrade the pickups. Just keep your old pickups, and if you ever decide to upgrade to a new guitar, put the stock pickups in your old guitar before you sell it, and put the new pickups in your new guitar.
Sometimes a new guitar feels strange, especially if you haven't played it crap loads. What feels like home now will feel like a dustbin when you make a big upgrade.

This is why people say that the lowest of the low guitars feel great, they are just completely used to it. There's nothing wrong with that but with a little bit of time you'll become the same with the new one, unless there's something massively wrong with it.
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Go ahead and spend your money, I don't care. It won't make you sound better.

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Sure upgrading your gear will make you sound better.

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I would opt to buy a new guitar. That washburn is straight up a starter guitar. You seem to know what your talking about a bit so why not upgrade your guitar to match. I'd look into LTD's and Schecter's both make very nice guitars and they land all over the price spectrum. I say ltd and schecter because they have that little bit of a thicker neck sort of like a washburn, my buddy had a washburn 7 and the neck was very comparable to both a schecter and ltd.

I wouldnt even waste the time to have actives put in that guitar.

Good luck though tho.
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