We're a four-piece, slightly erratic alternative rock band from Glasgow. Formed in 2006, the original lead guitarist left a few years ago and has since been replaced by me in 2011. We source influences from all over the place which has resulted in an alt-rock band with more proggy structuring and ideas. We are the self-proclaimed inventors or Earth-Prog.

Last year since we started to take it more seriously and push forward as a band. We recorded the "Bad Day EP", made a music video for the title track, which I'll post at the bottom of the post, and we went on a self-funded UK tour, ending in headlining The Cavern Club in Liverpool. We've so far recieved positive reviews from a few music blogs.

Plans for this year are the same but will be even more focused. We'll be recording new, better songs next month as well as starting our gigs for the year in February. So far we have confirmed gigs in Glasgow as well as in Inverness for the next month. We also plan to release another music video.

All our music is available to listen to on our Facebook, further down the post.

Gary - Vocals/Guitar
Calum - Lead guitar
John - Bass
Graeme - Drums.

"Glasgows Best Kept Musical Secret" - The Middle Music Reviews.

"A brand new band (in both senses), The Travels. They may well go far…." - A Burdz Eye View.

"Accomplished and Heartfelt" - UnsignedBandReview.com.


Bad Day Video

Also some live performances on our YouTube account.

Cheers --Calum.