When you see there are new answers in a thread that you posted in, do you jump to...

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3 11%
Read from my post
25 89%
Voters: 28.
the last page, or find your post and read it from there?

I read it from where i last posted so i can get all the posts in my brain
I always read from your last post
It's over simplified, So what!

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From my last post. There are some pretty girthy threads on here that I have read every single post of.
I can't skip to the end and risk saying something that someone already said. That would ruin my reputation of always being one with the witty new idea that mixes things up.

nevermind. I usually start from my last post. Unless it's 30 pages of junk.
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How the hell do you go straight to your last post?

Go to your profile, click your posts, and then on that screen find your post in that thread and click it.
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