Hi humans ...

If I want to spraypaint my guitar all black... which kind of spraypaint would be best to use I wonder... I have this one http://www.espguitars.com/esp2008/images/guitars/EC-Cobweb.jpg and I want to get rid of the freakin' skull and the other white stuff surrounding it...

So I figured the easiest way of doing this would be spraypainting it... But since I'm not so experienced with these kind of things I ask you guys... I'm not looking for a perfect finish... I just want to get rid of the skull mostly...

Thanks in advance...
Also I'm wondering if it's extremely important to remove everything from the guitar... I mean obviously I remove the strings before I do it... but the other stuff...
Explorerbuilder's right. You need to take everything off of the guitar that you can. I painted an old strat ripoff a while back, and the finish ended up looking like complete ASS because I didn't take enough time with the preparation and sanding.
Just wanted to say to you guys who said that I had to take everything off... I didn't do it. I just papered a little and used hammerrite spray paint with metallic black colour and it looks ALRIGHT now. It's just like before but only black and no skull and white lines and stars... well maybe there's some lines showable in extreme bright light surroundings.... But it went fairly well! Maybe I'll throw up some pictures for you guys showing the process.
Quote by Mondavarious
Just wanted to say to you guys who said that I had to take everything off... I didn't do it.

Obviously you could do that, but there are half-assed ways to do a lot of things.
YEAH! You should also strip it down to bare wood. Do Not! Under any circumstance mess with the neck pocket. Tape it off do not sand it or remove any paint an there it will mess things up putting the neck back on. Personally I use Montana paint . I also sand, wet sand, touch up and clear coat x 10