At the moment, I have a Schecter Damien Elite, HT-1RH with V110NT cab, and an MT-2, and I'm pretty much planning on changing everything.

First off, I'm planning on selling my Schecter and replacing it with an Epiphone 1958 Goth Explorer, then making a few modifications, like a white pickguard, maybe some new hardware, and chrome humbuckers. My question about this is what pickups I should get that are somewhat similar to BurstBuckers (I mainly play metal stuff, and Brendon Small is pretty much my inspiration for doing this in the first place.) I'm looking for something passive that's hot enough for that sort of thing (Dethklok/Galaktron if you don't know who Brendon Small is).

As for my amp setup, I'm really just wanting to replace the speaker in my cabinet. I had a moment of weakness and caved for a somewhat cheap 110 and basically said "It's no big deal, I'm sure I can get the right tone out of it." Now I truly realize that Celestions aren't magic, and you can't force the wrong speaker to sound right. I'm wondering what 10" is good for metal stuff.

Finally, I'm looking to get an overdrive/distortion to use instead of my MT-2. Between my amp's OD and my MT-2, I much prefer the amp, and the MT-2 hardly works as a proper boost.

To anyone reading this, I apologize for typing out so much stuff, I just think it's time to improve, maybe even begin recording stuff with my friend.
Good Celestions can be magic, but there are lots of other good speakers around. I'm sure that someone else can help you on that much more than me. I like my Celestion G12T-75s.

I'm not sure if you should make a guitar "upgrade" like that. I mean... Sure the guitar looks different but the difference in quality isn't much to say, really. You're basically just changing the body style. You could get the pickups for your Damien if there's nothing bad in it. Or try getting a new guitar? You haven't given a budget.

Using a distortion/overdrive pedal for distortion is something that I don't need with my Blackstar HT-1. Although I use a MXR GT-OD as a lead/solo boost.
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I'm not necessarily upgrading to a better guitar, just better pickups. One could argue that I'm only getting an Explorer just because I want one, though I would argue back by saying that I believe the Explorer is better for me, and that, despite price, the quality would be slightly better, as well as the looks. I could throw some new pickups in my Schecter, sure, but I don't see myself sticking with this thing for too long, anyway, so I don't see a point in it.

That's what I love about the HT is that it has quite a lot of distortion on-hand, almost enough to properly play Megadeth stuff, for example. I'll still probably keep looking, though; somehow, it's just not enough. I've been considering a tube screamer, but I don't have any experience with separate OD/Distortion pedals.