Howdy folk! Name's Brandon, 16 year old singer songwriter and pancake destroyer here!

Just wanted to share my latest single from my upcoming album Wallflower. The album comes out May 3rd and is a blend of Radiohead-esque grooves, acoustic jams and a little dash of indie rock here and there.

This song is a LoFi funky groove about running away to a mythical place for a bit. My intention was to create a song that sounds almost as though the listener was hearing it through some sort of wind tunnel/next dimension/otherworldly place. I think it sounds decent! ... In a lofi kind of way..

Check it out!


If you dig, feel free to download it for free (there's a button on the page), share your music (C4C) your comments and connect with me on Twitter at @ColourfulSound

Always looking to gain new connections! Cheers!
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Good stuff. When I was 16 I was a piece of ****. You should check out a guy name John Cale. He plays a style of music called drone. It's pretty much what it sounds like.
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Haha! I'm sure you weren't that bad! But thanks mate, I appreciate the listen and feedback! I'll check out John Cale, sounds pretty cool!