Well like a couple of weeks ago i bought a sigma by martin and co electroacustic guitar it cost me 70 dollar in a garage sale but i want to know how much it could cost because i dont find any info on the internet the model is
I've seen vintage Sigmas selling for 200-500 on my local CL. If its in good condition, I'd say you got a deal.

Back in the 70s, Martin started Sigma to make and import guitars to keep up with the other overseas guitar makers. They were made to Martin specs using overseas woods. They are considered decent to good guitars.

Recently Sigma was purchased by a German company and has started making them again. I'm not sure if they still have any affiliation with Martin.
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HMMM I'm thinkin that this is not a vintage. GC1CE chinese late model copy $179.00. But hey put a picx up i've been wrong before. Cheers