Hey guys. So while at home and taking a week off from band stuff, I decided to bring home my head, and am noticing some hum that I didn't always hear in a live setting. I've narrowed it down to what can only be a grounding issue on the amp, and one on the guitar(not cables, no pedals in chain, different guitars bring different results. When I use my Dean into my 6505+, the buzz is there, but not very prominent at all, leading me to believe that it is an issue with the amp. With the tele, the hum is much louder, making me think it is contributing to the issue. (I'm going to test out two more guitars later tonight when I get them back from the trailer.)

Of course this can only be heard when the volume pot is open and there is signal going through.

Also, I currently have my amp plugged into my SKB pedal board, but I took it out and plugged it right into a surge protector and it's still there. The buzz/hum does not leave when I touch the strings, and on my tele you can here a sort of contact noise every time I touch something metal. The tele has a coil tap on the humbuckers, and there is additional noise when I engage it, which is to be expected, but that still doesn't explain the original noise.

My tech said that he fixed the grounding issue too.

And I don't think it can be preamp related because the buzz is there even when I plugg my Pod 2.0 into the Receive of my effects loop.

I also have the little grounding switch on the back of the amp all the way down, That's when it's at it quietest.

On a side note, putting two 5751's tamed a lot of the highs harshness, and gave the amp more "punch". I can really only explain it as tight and clear, not chugga chugga tight, just tight and not flubby. I was also surprised by the amount of gain I have after the new tubes, there was very little change. But I'm happy with it!

Thanks for all the help guys.
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