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Anyone have a Ibanez TS9 modded by Robert Keeley? If so, what do think of it? Was the mod worth the money?
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get a hardwire CM-2 it is basically a moded TS from the factory.
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I Keeley modded my Boss Blues Driver, really impressed. Was worth it for me.
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i LOVE my keeley ts9, it rarely leaves my board...

i have a few ts9 pedals, i use them all differently. i have my keeley set full gain at all times and use it to get both rhythm tone and i stack it with either my boost pedal or another ts9 set as a clean boost. i will say that the keeley isn't all that great for a clean boost, but like i said i dimed the gain on it and just leave it. it has a very different voice than say an Analogman one. If you're up for getting a really great od pedal and already have a ts9 then give it a shot
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Quote by CaptainAmerican
I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well
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I know it may seem stupid to ask the question after the fact. But I bought a used ts9 reissue on eBay and the day after I received it, I sent it to Keeley to be modded. Hoping to have it by the end of next week. Thank you for the replies.
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Yes it's worth the money. Take the pedal to whole new level.
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I do the mods he lists but his more/less mod isn't really right. The bass mod is good though - if you don't like the way a ts9 cuts the bass that is.
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Got the TS9 back from Keeley. Sounds good. I'm pleased with it. I ended up getting another TS9 on eBay. It is a maxon made re-issue and I had it modded by Modest Mike. Sounds almost identical to Keeley modded pedal, which is an Inanez made reissue. I thought the maxon would be a little better in quality, but they're about the same.