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Hey I have active pickups (seymour Duncan AHB) and I am thinking about replacing the capacitors to make the guitar a little less bright. They guitar came with .47 capacitors. Can someone tell me who they are rated, how different ratings affect them and what kind of capacitor I need. Thankyou
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The higher the value of the capacitor, the darker it will make the guitar sound as you turn it down. When the tone knob is at 10 they're effectively out of the circuit so they all sound the same there. So you don't always need a bigger cap to be darker. A .22 that sounds good on 4 might suit you better than a .047 that gets muddy when you turn it down below 6. It's counterintuitive but I'd actually try a .22 first.

I like to use lower values for just that reason. Most people don't put their tone knobs anywhere near 1-2 so it seems better to make the useful range from 1 to 10 than to put in a big cap and have the only two options be at 7 and 10. Where are you using the tone controls now?

Your other option is the pots. You could mess around with 10K pots instead of (I think) 25K which is stock. That will give you a darker tone with the pots on 10 which might be more useful if you always back off the tone anyway. 10 should always be an option for your tone knob.
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I thought that this video might be more helpful than I could be.
Part 2 is probably more relevant but I suggest watching all 3 to get a good understanding

P.S this isn't my video, but I think this guy explains everything really well